Creating An Ocean Inspired Bathroom

by Rachel Laurendeau on March 27, 2013

I am a firm believer that our homes are more than just structures over our heads but rather, that they should be a place where we feel nourished, inspired and re-energized. To me, that means that my home improvement and decorating projects should reflect what inspires me and brings me joy.

One of my passions is the ocean and the underwater world. I have always been drawn to the water but when I started scuba diving, it opened a whole new realm to me. Since the ocean brings me such a sense of calm and wonder, why wouldn’t I want to find a way to translate that into my daily life by incorporating elements of the ocean into my home? And what better place to do so than in my master bathroom?

Ways to create your ocean inspired bathroom
Design note: please do not take this blog to mean that I condone “theme rooms”. It is very possible to take a notion too far and then you feel as though you are living in a theme room at sea world. These are suggestions and I don’t mean that you should incorporate every single one into one space, nor am I suggesting that you wallpaper your bathroom with starfish. (Phew! Saved from an over-decorating disaster!)

• Glass countertop in a subtle blue-green hue evokes the color of the ocean and the texture of sea glass.

• For the vanity or furniture, dark wood or distressed wood that looks as though it has been weather beaten by the ocean winds.

• Tile with reflective qualities of water. Could be in white, sandy tones or even blues or aqua. If you prefer an earthy look, you could use pebble tile that is reminiscent of the beach.

• Let the colors of the room be inspired by coastal hues of sandy beaches, ocean sunsets, or the myriad shades of blues, greens and grays of the ocean itself. You could also forgo the predictable blues and go with the color of your favorite coral or nudibranch.

• Accessories can be as simple as a few strategically placed shells, a glass bowl filled with stones you’ve collected, a glass vase filled with sand from your favorite beach, and woven baskets or hampers. Keep the linens simple, crisp and clean.

• Art work need not be literal if you prefer something more abstract. You can also frame a photo or two from your last trip to the sea to make your space feel truly personal.

• If you worry that you’re going to do all of this decorating and that your bathtub will look dingy compared to the new decor, bathtub refinishing can bring it back up to snuff. Tub refinishing can make your bathtub sparkle like it’s new again without the added chaos or cost of completely replacing it.

Whether an ocean inspired bathroom appeals to you or not, find your passion and let it inspire the decor or your home.

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