The Luxurious Basement Bathroom

by Rachel Laurendeau on March 15, 2013

If you live in a house with an unfinished basement or a basement that desperately needs remodeling, you’ve probably put a little bit of thought into adding a basement bathroom. When you’re finishing a basement, you’re generally starting with a blank canvas, one that allows you to dream big and really customize your space.

For me, the idea of building a bathroom in the basement is extremely exciting, as it will allow me to include many of the details that we weren’t able to add to the main floor bathrooms due to space and budget constraints. It might sound odd to put a luxury bathroom in the basement, but think about it. When will you ever be able to completely customize an entire floor of your home other than during basement finishing? And when will you ever have the opportunity to create a bathroom from a blank canvas rather than be restricted during bathroom remodeling.

Choose the tub that you’ve always dreamed of but perhaps didn’t have the space for upstairs. The only constraint here would be measuring to be sure that you can get it down the stairs. At the moment, I’m toying between the idea of a Japanese soaker tub or luxury tub for two.

Choosing top end fixtures and finishes is another way to ensure that your new bathroom feels luxurious. Using natural stone tile or slabs of marble can really increase the feeling of indulgence in any bathroom. And don’t forget to layer the bathroom lighting to provide ambiance as well as functional light.

Now, I understand that for many people, basement finishing or remodeling is actually a way to accommodate their growing family. If you are finishing the basement with the intent to have it house the teenagers’ bedrooms, family room or hang out space, you probably aren’t going to want to drop an extremely expensive tub in there or have marble flooring installed for them to scuff up. That’s totally understandable and this particular blog post may not be all that relevant for you. I’ll write about more utilitarian bathroom home improvements soon, I promise!

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