31 Days To An Organized Home

by Rachel Laurendeau on March 7, 2013

In previous blogs, I’ve talked about a wide variety of ways to get organized. With spring cleaning on the horizon, I think that organizing the house ahead of time will make the cleaning much easier.

This isn’t exactly a “how-to” blog, but rather, a “where to” home improvement blog. Below is a list of all the little nooks and crannies that tend to get messy or cluttered by day-to-day living. If you take 15-30 minutes at the end of each day (or at any point, really) to declutter and organize one of these areas, by the end of the month, your home will be the picture of organization. Click here for a printable checklist that you can place on your memo board.

1. Linen closet
2. Coat closet or mudroom (don’t forget the shoes and boots!)
3. Bedroom closet
4. Bedroom dressers
5. Nightstands/Coffee table/End tables
6. Medicine cabinet
7. Make-up bag/toiletry bag
8. Jewelry box
9. Under the sinks (kitchen, bathroom, utility sink)
10. Fridge and freezer
11. Pantry
12. Spice rack
13. Kitchen cabinets
14. China cabinet or hutch
15. Junk drawer
16. Book shelves
17. Filing cabinet
18. Unfiled papers/mail
19. Craft supplies/hobby supplies
20. Laundry room
21. Utility room
22. Storage room
23. Living room/family room
24. Handbags, purses, diaper bags, wallets and jacket pockets
25. Car glove box
26. Garage or shed (This one might be a whole weekend project, if your garage is like mine. Who am I kidding, I could probably dedicate another one month list just to the garage!)
27. Tool box
28. Work bench
29. Under beds (or other furniture where you like to hide things)
30. Toy box or play room
31. Any other areas that I’ve forgotten

Whew! That was quite the month! Hopefully taking small bites out of the clutter helped to make this DIY home organization project more manageable for you. Now, make sure that you keep on top of things so that this month of mini home improvements becomes a lasting fixture in your dwelling. If your month of organizing brought you to the realization that you need more storage space, built-in cabinets or other organization tools, don’t hesitate to contact your local home remodeling expert for some help.

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