Customizing Your Well Water System To Meet Your Needs

by Rachel Laurendeau on January 31, 2013

Usually when I think about water usage, it’s in terms of water conservation and trying to find ways to cut back on my family’s consumption of fresh water in and around the house. In addition to conservation issues, for people who depend on a personal well, it’s important to know just how much water they’re using so that they can be sure that their home’s water system can keep up with their demands. Can you imagine running out of water during the morning rush of showers, breakfast and cleaning up before work and school?

Calculating your household water consumption gives you a starting point on which to base your system’s requirements and decide on the size of water tank and pump that you need.I recently came across a really interesting and easy to use water use calculator that helps you calculate your household’s average daily consumption. All you need to do is plug in things like the number of flushes and showers per day, loads of laundry per week, and answer whether or not your plumbing fixtures are low-flow and it will give you an approximate calculation of the number of gallons used daily.

According to the experts at Ackerson Pump Company, besides understanding your usual consumption levels, you also need to consider what would be your home’s “peak flow” or times of heaviest use. If no one is home all day using water but in the evening you’re running baths, the dishwasher and the irrigation system, your water tank and water pump need to be able to keep up with the demands. You may need a water pump replacement or a larger water tank to keep up with water supply needs.

For help customizing your water system so that it meets your requirements, talk to the water pump or well service professionals in your area.

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Have you ever calculated your water consumption? Do you use more or less than the average American (75-150 gallons per day)? Let us know in the comments section below.

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