Creature Comforts – Pet Friendly Home Improvements

by Rachel Laurendeau on January 31, 2013

Many of us today have pets that feel like part of the family. Here are some home improvement ideas to make your home more pet-friendly, pamper them just a little more, and make your own lives easier in the process.

Pet Doors
Active pets love the freedom of being able to come in and out of the house whenever they need to go out to the yard for some exercise or to do their business. It is also more convenient for pet parents who have to worry less about letting the dog and cat back in.

Pet doors come with various features and have come a long way from plastic flaps with flimsy magnets. Most of them have a locking mechanism both for security and to restrict your pet’s access and some even have settings so that it swings “in only” or “out only” so you don’t have to worry about visiting woodland creatures. There are pet doors that can be installed in walls, doors and even in your French doors or screen doors. If you aren’t a seasoned DIY pro then I recommend contacting a home improvement contractor who can take care of the installation for you.

Pet Screen Doors
Pet owners know that the screens on doors and windows can take a beating when our pets see a bunny in the yard or just can’t wait to get back in the house for a treat. A specialized pet screen door is made of heavy-duty nylon that is meant to stand up to your pet and resist tearing. Talk to your window and door contractor for more information on these specialized doors.

The Organized Pet Parent
It’s easy for the various leashes, collars, toys, treats and grooming accessories to get jumbled up or misplaced. Having a couple of dedicated bins or baskets for all of your pet’s necessities will make them more accessible and convenient at a moment’s notice. Place the bins in the spot that makes the most sense for you: mud room, utility room or the hall closet. And while you’re getting organized, perhaps those bulky bags of pet food could be transferred into convenient storage containers with lids and tucked out of the way to avoid spills.

Pet Washing Station
All pets need a bath once in a while, but for those pets that have a tendency to come inside tracking a muddy mess on a regular basis, you might want to install a dedicated pet bath center. An outdoor shower works well in the warm seasons or you could install a handheld doggie shower in the garage or mudroom. A smaller scale option would be to install a deep utility sink with a retractable faucet or handheld showerhead.

For more information on adding creature comforts to your house, talk to your local home improvement contractor.

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