Our Favorite Bathroom Accessories

by Rachel Laurendeau on January 29, 2013

You’ve finished renovating your bathroom and it now has great bones. All that’s left is to choose some stylish and practical accessories to finish it off, and you’ll have the perfect bathroom. Take a look at our favorite must-have bathroom accessories.

Bathtub caddy – Having just completed a bathroom renovation or bathtub refinishing, you deserve a nice, long bath. If you like to luxuriate in the tub with candles, a book, and wine but haven’t quite figured out how to balance all of that, a bathtub caddy is for you. They are made of various materials such as chrome, stainless steel or bamboo and act as a ledge or catch-all with different compartments for all of your bathing necessities. I’m crazy about the aquala bathtub caddy with it’s built in wine glass holder, fold away book support and extendable length to fit different sized tubs.

Towel warmers – The ultimate in bathroom luxuries, I smile just thinking about having a warm towel to dry off with when I step out of the shower. Heated towel racks can be wall mounted or free standing and some are available with accessories such as programmable timers. Due to all of these variations, price points range from under $100 to over $500.

Attractive organization – Take a look around your bathroom and see what needs containing. Is it the toiletries scattered all over the countertop, the brushes and dryer jumbled awkwardly into the drawer, or extra towels overflowing from the shelf? Whatever the problem, there are attractive storage solutions available to make your life easier. For me, I find it handy to have suction cup hooks in the shower for washcloths, razors, and even toothbrushes. I bought a set of these modern and quirky hooks from Kikkerland a few years ago and they still make me smile.

Toy caddy – if you have young children, you know that their bathtub toys can take over, making your bathtub less than relaxing for the adults in the house. The other issue is that toys that are just left in a jumble don’t dry well and can end up smelly and moldy. Not exactly what you want your child playing with. You’ll want your toy organizer to be washable and porous so the toys can drip dry and so that the caddy itself dries out quickly. One that we like is the Skip Hop Tubby, made of mesh and neoprene, it has plenty of room for toys and stays put on on tile or glass thanks to a mounting plate and four suction cups.

If your bathroom needs an update before you start adding your favorite accessories, talk to your local home improvement expert or tub refinishing contractor to find out just how affordable and quick and bathroom makeover can really be.

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