Six Tips To Help You Organize Your Bathroom

by Rachel Laurendeau on January 23, 2013

If you’re feeling as though your bathroom has become a jumbled mess, despite your best efforts, take a deep breath and regroup. Follow these easy tips to help you get back on the road to organized living.

Break It Down Getting organized can seem overwhelming, that’s why it’s important to break it down into small, attainable projects. If attacking the entire bathroom seems overwhelming, rather than overhauling the whole thing, choose to address one area at a time. You can break it down into parts: linen storage, the cabinet under the sink, the medicine cabinet, hair stuff, etc. Once you’ve spent 15 to 20 minutes on one area and you see the great results, it will motivate you to move to the next trouble spot.

Sort It Out – Sort through the contents of the chosen cupboard or drawers and place like things together.

Shed The Dead Weight – Dispose of anything that you no longer use or need or that has passed its expiration date. Unopened items that are still good but that you won’t use can be donated to a local shelter. Medications should not be thrown out or flushed. Please read the FDA’s recommendations on how to dispose of unused medicines.

Everything In Its Place – Now that you’ve decided what to keep and have cleared out the extra clutter, you can decide where each item belongs and make a home for it.

Organize It – Don’t just move your hairbrush from under the sink into a drawer and think that you’re done. Find the right drawer organizers, baskets or containers for you items so that your drawers, shelves and cabinets don’t end up looking like junk drawers within a week’s time. Organizers are available in all different sizes, price points and in a variety of different materials. If you’re crafty and like DIY projects, you can even make your own; this cereal box project looks quick and inexpensive.

Label It – It can be easy for things to become disorganized quickly. By labeling the storage containers or shelves, you establish that this is their permanent home. This is also a way of sharing the organizing info with the other people who live in your home. One place that labeling has worked really well for me is the linen closet. This way, no matter which family member puts away the laundry, all they need to do is look at the labels on the shelves and they know where the sheets, towels or blankets belong.

Having a well organized bathroom doesn’t have to take days, and it certainly doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re taking on a bathroom remodeling project, be sure to talk to your bathroom remodelers about including plenty of storage solutions.

Resource: Storage (Spring 2013 issue)

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