One Month Challenge – My Low-Cost Home Office Transformation

by Rachel Laurendeau on January 18, 2013

Now, I write about home improvements for a living. I’ve been through renos, gut-jobs and even designing and building a new home from the ground up. I preach about the importance of organization, the merits of feng shui and the benefits planning ahead. And while I follow my own advice in almost all aspects of my life, I have a confession to make: my home office is a disaster zone. I am ashamed of it. This is a place where I spend the better part of my days, researching, reading, writing and editing. It is the furthest thing from inspiring or motivating and it certainly does not boost my productivity. And so, I am challenging myself to a home office transformation.

The Challenge
• I’m going to transform my office in one month, on a budget of $100 or less.
• While I appreciated working with a general contractor on more complicated, larger scale projects, this is a project that I will complete on my own.
• I will take my own home improvement advice and apply organizational and feng shui principles while also taking into account the psychology of color and the need for proper ergonomics and lighting.
• Indeed, I am not taking this challenge lightly. It will include my main work area as well as my current storage closet, bookshelves and filing cabinets.

The Plan
• Clean and declutter
• Organize work surface and storage areas while making better use of space
• Decorate, add color and art
• Improve lighting
• Make the space as user-friendly as possible

The Payoff
3) I will no longer feel like a phony when I write about home office home improvements and organization.
2) I will want to spend more time in my home office and enjoy the time I do spend there.
1) I will be able to focus on my work instead of on the jumbled mess that surrounds me! I’m certain that I will become more centered on my work and more productive.

Check back in February, when I will be updating you on the progress of my one month low-cost office transformation and what I’ve done to turn my space into a well-functioning home office. I will also include some before and after photos so you can see the transformation.

Is there one room in your house that desperately needs a makeover? Take my one-month low-cost challenge and see what you can do to improve the worst room in your house. Tell us about your room in the comments section below.

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