Create Your Own Gallery Photo Wall

by Rachel Laurendeau on January 8, 2013

With the continued popularity of social media, people are sharing lots of different home improvement ideas and fun projects. The ideas get posted, pinned, shared; you name it, until they take on a life of their own. One of the projects that has recently made the rounds of my social network is the idea of creating a photo wall or family wall, similar to a display you might see in a gallery. Now, this isn’t a new concept, it’s just been given some new life and reached a new peak of popularity.

If you’re in the midst of home remodeling, you might be looking for ideas to put the finishing touches on your house. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect gallery wall:

• For a formal look, use the same frame and mat for each photograph and make sure that they are hung symmetrically.

• For a unified look that isn’t quite so formal, choose a single color, material or shape for the frames but use different variations of that trait.

• If you prefer a more eclectic approach, use frames of variable shapes, sizes and colors but do use frames that complement each and other find a unified way to hang them so that the display does not look disjointed.

• You can create a display on a shelf or mantle. Consider layering photo frames slightly and including other artwork or items that hold meaning for you and your family.

• When it comes to the layout, take your time and do it right so that you don’t have to fill your wall with too many extra nail holes. Start by arranging the frames on the ground to decide the right positioning and spacing. If you are unsure, there are templates online that are very helpful and can give you ideas for creating focal points and perfect groupings.

• If the photos are not too precious, a fun and youthful way of displaying them would be to hang them on a rope or ribbon using clothespins.

• Finally, if you are not feeling particularly creative or you don’t have much extra time and you have a small area that is crying out for photos, there are plenty of choices for multi-photo frames and frame sets. All you have to do is choose the pictures and hang the frame. No worrying about choosing complementary frames or finding the right layout.

If you’re looking for other ideas to wrap up your home remodeling, talk to your contractor or designer or, have fun looking around and seeing what fun ideas you can find online.

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Let us know what types of interesting photo projects you’ve done around your home lately. We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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