New Year Resolutions – Declutter and Find Storage Solutions For Your Finished Basement

by Rachel Laurendeau on January 3, 2013

As the reality of finishing our basement gets closer, I start getting more and more concerned about storage. At the moment, we’ve got lots of boxes and storage bins either stacked on top of each other or on open shelves but once the basement remodeling is done, those storage ideas may not seem like a very attractive solution. So what to do about all of that stuff and keep my home looking neat and tidy? I’ve come up with some solutions and thought I’d share them with other home improvement junkies who are going through the same thing.

1. Since you are going to be finishing the basement, you will likely have to empty it or move things around so that the work crews can access the areas they are finishing. Take this opportunity to go through and declutter as much as possible. This is not a small task, so give yourself plenty of time for this step. According to certified professional organizer Helen Buttigieg, it is best to start with the bigger items and remove them right away, leaving yourself more room to work in. You can work your way down to sorting through boxes later rather than getting bogged down in minutia early on.

2. You have likely already decided the purpose of each room in your finished basement. Be sure to store things in the area that makes the most sense based on their purpose and store like with like. For example, this would mean putting your movie collection in a cabinet in the media room, your filing cabinet in the home office and your cleaning products in the laundry or utility room.

3. Basement storage options come in all shapes and sizes and are available at a wide range of price points. You can have your general contractor create built-in storage cabinets to your exact specifications or you can buy systems that you assemble yourself. Either way, you will likely want a variety of options such as open and closed shelves, cabinets with doors and closet organizers.

Finishing or remodeling a basement can be both exciting and stressful. Getting organized and creating a plan to keep it that way can take the stress out of this monumental project. If you need help, talk to your local home improvement expert or professional organizer.

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What types of organizational storage have you implemented in your finished basement? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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