Top 8 Reasons To Install a Frameless Shower

by Rachel Laurendeau on December 26, 2012

Sleek, frameless glass shower enclosures offer a number of benefits from looks to openness to practicality. Here are some of our top reasons for using a frameless shower door.

Aesthetics – clean line, stylish, elegant; fantastic for a minimalist or modern look.

Openness – glass allows for open and airy feeling; this is particularly good in bathrooms where the shower may be in the center of a wall, perhaps in between two vanities. It is also a nice option in a bathroom where there are lots of heavy materials like dark wood or stone that need the contrast of lighter materials to balance out the space.

Spaciousness – without the visual separation given by more conventional showers, a frameless shower door can make a small room seem larger and more spacious.

See the tile – if you are spending significant amounts of money on beautiful tile work in the shower, it is a shame to have it hidden away or obstructed, even by frames around the doors or corners of the shower. Since there is no separation, there is better flow throughout the room. If you are using the same tile or stone materials outside of the shower as you did in the shower, the whole thing will simply flow together.

See the light – glass allows light to flow throughout the bathroom without any awkward shadows or dark corners.

Cleaning – since there is no metal frame, there is much less cleaning and scrubbing involved. (Admittedly, this may be my favorite reason to choose frameless.)

Options – a custom-built glass shower can be personalized to your exact needs and the dimensions of your space. If you are on the modest or shy side and don’t feel that a full glass shower enclosure is for you, you can always opt to use frosted glass which would afford more privacy.

Value – while it may initially cost more to install a frameless shower, you are adding value to your home and making the house more marketable should you want to sell it down the road.

If you’d like to learn more about frameless shower doors, talk to your local glass specialist or home improvement expert to get more information and to find out if this would work in your bathroom.

Resource: Houzz

Do you have a frameless shower door? Leave us a comment below telling us what your main reason was for choosing this style in your bathroom.

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