Gift Ideas for the Home Handyman on Your List

by Rachel Laurendeau on December 11, 2012

Are you struggling to figure out what to buy for the DIY expert on your Christmas list this year? Here are our top five favorite gift ideas to help you get started.

1. For the rookie do-it-yourselfer in the household, you could help them build up their collection of basic tools. Use a tool belt or tool chest as a creative way to wrap them up. Did you know that some companies make specialty tools for lefties and women?

2. If your home improvement enthusiast has taken on a new project for which they need a specialty tool, find out exactly what they need to make the project easier for them and surprise them with it.

3. Magazine subscriptions can be a great way to help improve your handy-person’s creativity and provide them with the inspiration they are craving. There are magazines geared towards all interests from building to decorating to gardening, just take the time to find the one that would resonate the best for your handyman or woman. Some magazines you might want to look into would be “This Old House,” “Mother Earth News,” “Do It Yourself” from Better Homes and Gardens, “Real Simple” or “Organic Gardening.”

4. Does the home improvement guru on your list have a great accomplishment that they should be proud of? How about a framed before and after picture, a framed photo of the work in progress or a photo album of the project from start to finish? My spouse actually designed our home so I’m having the final as-built drawings of the house printed out in large format like a jobsite blueprint that was used by our general contractor and mounting it in an industrial looking frame so he can hang it in his home office.

5. For a less expensive gift that might be even more practical than those you can buy, get crafty and make some coupons. These are very popular around our house and make great stocking stuffers. Print several and tie them together with a ribbon or bow. They are great for spouses, parents, relatives or friends. You can create coupons that are job specific or more generic. For example: “one free day to work on any project of your choosing” or “three hours of help from the best assistant in the house” or “day off in appreciation of all the work you do”. Have fun with these and be sure to personalize them.

Whatever you decide to give your do-it-yourselfer, make sure they know how much you appreciate their hard work and commitment to making your living space perfect for you and your family.

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