Simple Home Improvements For Holiday Entertaining

by Rachel Laurendeau on November 25, 2012

Will you being doing a lot of hosting over the upcoming holiday season? Is your home ready or are you worrying about home improvements that you need to tackle? Here are a few ideas to help make the holidays more memorable and less stressful.

Deep-clean and De-Clutter

I know, I always come back to these two but frankly, if you don’t have time to do anything else before your guests start knocking on the door, these have got to be done. Go beyond the usual superficial cleaning and steam-clean the carpets and upholstered furniture, polish the wood trim, dust the light fixtures and clean the oven.

Finish Those DIY Projects
Finish all of the do-it-yourself home remodeling projects that you’ve started but never quite finished. Hang the last of your travel photos, give the bathroom a fresh coat of paint, fix the squeaky front door and make sure all of the light bulbs are working.

‘Tis The Season
…to put up the Christmas lights, shovel the snow, and spread grit or ice melt on the walkways and front porch so no one slips on the way up your steps. Also think about changing up the decor to something seasonal and festive.

Island Buffet
If you will be hosting a large number of people and you think it will be too tight to fit everyone in the dining room, serve up a more informal buffet-style meal where folks can help themselves to cold or warm finger foods. You can spread out the platters on your kitchen island, or on a sideboard or buffet. Adding an island is one of the best kitchen remodeling tips that I can give anyone who is re-doing their kitchen. Even if you aren’t doing an entire gut-job or overhaul, you can still have an island installed or you can buy a smaller-scale island or counter-topped cart on casters that you can roll out of the way when it’s not in use.

Frankly, the countdown is on to the holiday festivities. Keep things simple, tackle the smaller scale home improvement projects that you can handle in the next few weeks and busy yourself filling your home with cheer and tradition. All you really need to make a gathering memorable is good food, a warm and welcoming atmosphere and your family and friends.

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