Your Very Own Tea Room At Home

by Rachel Laurendeau on November 16, 2012

Tea, in some cultures and in some households, is incredibly important and steeped in tradition and history. If it’s that important, why not dedicate an area of your home to it? A friend of mine recently did just that by making some small changes to her sunroom and she inspired me to write this blog.

What do you need to create your own tea room?
• Of course you will need the perfect tea pot and cups but if you are contemplating putting a tea room in your home, I’m sure you know much more about tea sets than I could ever tell you.
• The space need not be very large.
• You simply need a small table and comfortable seating; generally, taking time out of your day for a cup of tea also means taking a moment to stop and rest so do choose seating options that invite you to stay a while.
• If you like to read or do other hobbies while you’re drinking your tea, then you will want to make sure that your area is well-lit. Setting your tea area up near a window overlooking the garden or in a sunroom is ideal.
• Consider painting the tea room or specially designated tea area in a gentle, soothing color. If your area is simply a small nook in a larger living space, this will help delineate your special spot. There are even tea-inspired paint colors available such as “Green Tea Leaf” from Olympic, “Tea Bath” from Martha Stewart and “Tea Room” from Benjamin Moore.

Are you thinking that adding a tearoom or special tea time area would be a nice touch in your home? Talk to your local home improvement expert to see what it would take to transform your space.

Do you have a special area in your home for drinking your tea? Or do you have any other small rituals that you’ve fit into your home? Tell us about them in the comments section below.

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