Basement Finishing Ideas

by Rachel Laurendeau on November 13, 2012

Do you have a basement that needs finishing or renovating but aren’t sure what to use the space for? Here some of our favorite ways to put all of that space to good use. You will, of course, make choices based on your needs and what your budget allows, this is simply a starting point. Allow yourself to think outside of the box and really make the space in your basement work for you and your family. There’s no need to simply put in the standard family room, be creative and see what you can come up with!

Before starting any basement finishing or remodeling, make sure that your home doesn’t need any foundation repairs and consider basement waterproofing if you’ve ever had any water issues in your basement in the past. There is no point in finishing your basement only to have it flood next spring.

Laundry room – despite the trend over the past decade or so to have the laundry room on the main floor, more and more people are taking back their main floor space and moving the laundry room to the basement. This generally allows for a larger laundry area with space for an ironing board, cupboards and a laundry sink.

Storage – if, up until now, your basement has been used as a dumping ground, um, I mean, as a large storage area, you will need to figure out ways to create storage space in your finished basement. This might mean setting aside an area of the laundry or utility room, putting shelves under the stairs or even building a large floor to ceiling cabinet or closet with shelves and hooks to keep everything organized. Large, sturdy shelves that can accommodate rubber storage bins are ideal.

Playroom – if you have young children, having a dedicated play area is a wonderful way of clearing some of the clutter and toys out of the main living areas of the house.
Make sure you choose durable, easy to clean and maintain finishes and that the room is properly childproofed.

Teenagers’ basement – if your kids are getting to an age where they (and you) are craving more independence, you may want to dedicate large parts of the basement for their use. Perhaps you’ll want to build them a basement bedroom or you might want to keep all of the sleeping quarters upstairs and build a teen-friendly hangout in the basement. Depending on their interests, this might include a band practice area, a media room or a study space.

Craft/hobby room – our main living areas often have to play double duty when it comes to crafts and hobbies. Why not dedicate an entire area to your personal interests? This might be as simple as a quiet den, reading room or meditation room or it might be more involved, housing a home gym, home theater, art studio or workshop.

Bathroom – however you end up finishing your basement, it is a great idea to include a spare bathroom so you don’t constantly have to run upstairs while you’re downstairs enjoying your swanky new quarters.

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