Home Office Feng Shui To Improve Productivity and Motivation

by Rachel Laurendeau on November 11, 2012

Whether you are remodeling your existing office or setting up a new home office, the space in which you work can greatly influence your focus, productivity, and creativity. Feng Shui offers solutions to help energize your home office and keep you motivated.

Separate work life and personal life
It is best if you can dedicate a separate room or area to your home business, away from your personal life. When your work day is done, close the office door and leave your work behind. If you cannot sacrifice a room due to space restrictions, you may have to find another area that can work double duty such as a guest room, little used craft room, or corner of the kitchen. However, it is very important to keep your office out of the master bedroom or it will infringe upon your rest.

Furniture placement
In Feng Shui, furniture placement is important, particularly the placement of your desk or primary workstation. Your desk should be placed so that your have a clear view of the door and a solid wall behind you. That is because we all generally feel tenser when our back is exposed to an open door. If the layout of the room does not permit this desk placement, you can place a mirror on or above your desk to reflect the door.

Clear the clutter
According to Diane Gallin, a Feng Shui expert, everything you see influences your work. Clearing the clutter and organizing your office will help the energy flow more freely. If you need extra space for books, office supplies or other items, a home remodeling expert can install custom-built bookshelves or storage cabinets. Just be sure to keep those storage areas organized as well.

Explore your senses
Playing uplifting music can stimulate the brain, making you more productive and creative. Better yet, if you can, open your window to hear the sound of rustling leaves or the twittering of birds. The sound of running water from a small fountain can soothe and focus your attention, not to mention, moving water also represents prosperity, perfect for the home business. Living plants represent growth in addition to filtering the air in your work environment. Adding natural elements to your space can also help reduce stress. And don’t forget the power of color on your energy and creativity; choose colors that improve your productivity without overstimulating.

There are many benefits to working from home, one of which is being able to set up your office exactly the way you like it. Discuss your vision for the workspace with your home remodeling contractor at the outset of the home improvement in order to create the perfect space in which to work.

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