Fun and Creative Chalkboard Paint Projects Around the House

by Rachel Laurendeau on October 26, 2012

Using chalkboard paint is a fun trend for home craft projects. Gone are the days of being limited to flat black paint that was difficult to wipe off. Today’s generation of paints are washable, durable and come in a wide variety of colors (yes, even chartreuse and hot pink!) and you can even get it in spray paint format.

These are some of our favorite ideas for chalkboard paint projects around the house.

Playroom or child’s room:
Little artist’s mural wall – paint an entire wall or section of a wall in the playroom or in your child’s bedroom with chalkboard paint and set your budding artist free with plenty of colorful chalkboard chalk. Be sure to teach your kids the difference between the chalkboard wall and other painted walls so they don’t get into trouble!

Racing stripe – paint a 12-16 inch stripe around the room in a bright color at your child’s eye level. The stripe can be transformed into roads, fields of flowers or cartoon strips.

Tabletop game pad – it may be lower tech the today’s game pads but by painting a small wooden table with chalkboard paint, you’ve created the perfect gaming surface for hangman, checkers and connect the dots.

Label maker – even professional kitchen remodeling won’t get you 100% organized if you don’t have specific systems that work for you in the kitchen. Chalkboard paint is the ultimate label maker. Use it on wine glasses in lieu of charms, on serving bowls an even on containers and bins in the pantry. All you need to do is paint little squares or rectangles on the surfaces and voila, instant erasable labels. (The Benjamin Moore website recommends using a bonding primer on plastic surfaces prior to painting with their chalkboard paint.)

Daily menu board or family message board – while these may be more expected projects using chalkboard paint, you can make them more interesting by using a bright and cheerful color that coordinates with your kitchen decor or paint and frame a piece of MDF or masonite for a more dramatic effect, like this one seen on the Marilyn Denis Show.

Home office:
Chalkboard paint is the ultimate tool when organizing your home office.
Day planner, calendar or memo board – simply tape off a section of your wall and paint it with chalkboard paint. The area can be used to keep track of to-do lists, project deadlines and calendar events. You can use different colored chalk to keep the chalkboard organized and visually appealing. If you don’t want to paint a section of wall, you can always paint a closet door of the back of your office door.

Granted, using chalkboard paint for a few crafty home projects may not give you the impact of a major home remodeling and it won’t make your house feel like a new home. Sometimes though, all you have the time and budget for is a quick and easy project to spruce things up while you dream of the big renovations to come.

Inspiration: Benjamin Moore and The Marilyn Denis Show

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