Halloween Decorating to Fit Your Landscape

by Rachel Laurendeau on October 23, 2012

If you enjoy crafty home improvement projects, preparing your home and yard for Halloween is more than likely a treat for you! The little goblins in your neighborhood probably appreciate the time you invest into preparing for this fun holiday as well.

It’s up to you if you want to go all out on the creepy factor or if you want to keep things a bit more classy and autumnal. If you’re leaning towards fall or harvest inspired outdoor decor, you could build a few scarecrows for the yard, add a couple of bales of hay to the porch, some sheaths of dried corn and a leafy wreath.

There are many websites that will give you ideas and instructions for creepy yard decorations, pumpkin carving and back yard haunted houses to help your scare the little monsters who come trick-or-treating at your home. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for your front entrance and yard.

The DIY network has easy to download pumpkin carving templates ranging from damask patterns to icky beetles and standard bats and owls.

Instructables (one of my favorite crafty sites) has instructions for building your own pumpkin totem pole, which would work well in the yard, on the porch or on the front steps. You can use intact pumpkins if you’re on a time limit or carve them up for a more intricate look.

What’s Halloween DIY without Martha Stewart? You can use decorative elements that you have already included in your landscaping, including a birdbath. Add some moss, dead leaves and branches, a few pumpkins or gourds and a raven or owl silhouette and you have the perfect centerpiece for your front yard.

Check out these cool tombstones that can be laid out to enhance your yard’s landscaping features. And while you’re putting up your tombstones, you may as well build a giant, nightmarish spider that can walk amongst them.

For those of us that are less crafty or on a time crunch, the stores are full of Halloween decorations at this time of the year. Pick up some fake spider web to drape over the front door, a flickering/glowing cauldron for the candy and download some spooky soundtracks and pipe the music outside. The kids will love it.

However you choose to decorate, getting into the spirit of Halloween will make the holiday more fun for you and the trick-or-treaters and might draw out extra kids and curious neighbors who want to see what you’ve created. If you’ve worked hard all summer to create wonderful landscaping, make sure that you incorporate it into your Halloween scheme and find ways to highlight your yard’s best elements.

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