Sleek and Sexy Interior Sliding Doors

by Rachel Laurendeau on October 22, 2012

Often, when renovating a home, there are certain finishing touches that get lost in the shuffle or pushed to the last minute. And we all know those last minute choices also get the slim remainder of the budget. Interior doors can really help define a space and add to its sense of style but they are often not prioritized. Interior sliding doors can be used as closet doors, room dividers and for partitioning, in addition to being used as regular doors.

Now, I’m not talking about the old style sliding mirrored doors that we had in the 70s, I’m talking about beautiful new and innovative sliding glass doors like the ones from The Sliding Door Company. Depending on the manufacturer, the glass is available in a number of finishes from clear to “milky” (opaque) to frosted and even black. Similarly, there are many frame finishes to choose from in white, black, silver, walnut and many other colors. The doorframes themselves are available in a wide variety of designs to suit modern, contemporary and even traditional spaces. With all of these options, there is undoubtedly a sliding glass door or barn door to suit your home.

Room dividers
Sliding glass doors are an excellent way to partition off areas of a room. This can be particularly helpful if you live in an open concept loft or condo. The vast, unobstructed spaces are lovely but they can leave you feeling somewhat exposed. Installing sliding glass doors, somewhat reminiscent of Japanese shoji screens, is a great way to set aside an area that you don’t want to have on display such as your home office or your bedroom.

Another great use of glass sliding doors is between the sunroom and main living area. The glass still allows the light through while delineating the spaces but also gives you the option of opening up the doors when you want the rooms to flow into one another.

Behind closed doors
Sliding glass doors also give you the ability to close off areas that you don’t want to see such as the laundry room, mud room, closets and office. I’ve even seen sliding doors used in kitchen remodeling projects to close off the pantry and to separate the kitchen and dining room without the permanence and awkwardness of walls.

When it comes to interior doors, you aren’t limited to plain paneled doors. Let yourself be inspired by the innovative sliding doors and modern barn doors that are available today and talk to your local home remodeling contractor or home improvement expert for more information on how they can be used in your home.

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