Bathroom Renovations: What to Do When You Just Can’t Agree

by Rachel Laurendeau on October 19, 2012

It is quite common for home improvements to be put off or to stall out during the renovation work as couples realize they disagree on some of the major points. The last thing you want to do is get half way into a major kitchen or bathroom renovation and have the work come to a standstill because you and your spouse can’t agree on a key element. Here are some tips to get you started on your bathroom remodeling and keep you going, even when you can’t agree on everything.

1. Plan Ahead – don’t wait until the bathtub and vanity have been torn out before talking about whether you are putting in a soaker tub or a shower. By talking about your functional needs for the bathroom as well as how you envision it when it is completed, you should be on the same page (or at least the same chapter) before the work begins. In addition to having a common vision for the final space, you should also make sure that you plan together and agree upon a reasonable budget for the project so that neither person is surprised or disappointed down the road.

2. Talk It Out – if there are some major sticking points, don’t just sweep them under the rug at the beginning and think you’ll figure them out later on when the reno is in full swing. It will simply be harder and slow things down if you wait until later.

3. Be Prepared to Compromise – understand that although you are a couple, you still have individual tastes and goals. Try to find common ground that you can agree on and then work from there. Which elements are important to you and which can you give up? You might be surprised at the balanced results when both partners are involved in the decision-making.

4. Still Can’t Agree? – If you just can’t agree on some of the major decisions but you feel as though you can’t live with your outdated bathroom for another moment, make inexpensive changes now rather than big ones. Basic upgrades like bathtub refinishing, new hardware, neutral paint and some plush towels can give your bathroom new life and give you time to decide whether this is sufficient or if you need a major overhaul down the road. Essentially, a cosmetic makeover will buy you the time you need to come to an agreement without sending you into a tailspin.

5. Laugh – take the time for some deep breaths and a few laughs together. No home improvement in the world is worth negatively affecting your relationship.

For more information about these and other home improvement tips, talk to your local tub refinishing contractor or bathroom remodeling expert.

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