Budget-Friendly DIY Home Decorating For Fall

by Rachel Laurendeau on October 16, 2012

There is no better time of year than autumn to let Mother Nature supply us with decorating materials for simple DIY home improvement projects.

• Make your front entry even more inviting by placing an autumn-inspired wreath or arrangement on the front door. You can even make your own wreath using nuts and berries that you’ve gathered from your own backyard or neighborhood.

• Large potted chrysanthemums in bright orange, yellow and red are the perfect way to dress up your front steps and create instant curb appeal.

• Many perennial plants are looking resplendent at this time of year. Don’t hesitate to take some cuttings and make beautiful arrangements with them.

• Use pumpkins and gourds to decorate your table or mantle. Don’t limit yourself: pumpkins and gourds are available in various colors, shapes and sizes and can be used for a wide variety of crafty projects.

• Fill a large bowl with apples or pears harvested from your own, or a neighbor’s, backyard. Using a wooden or pottery bowl will make it fell more rustic.

• Fill a glass vase with colorful leaves or acorns. Collect the leaves before any raking happens as the rake will shred them.

• Cut a few twigs or branches that are still covered in leaves and place them in a tall vase or stone jug. Alternatively, use branches from shrubs with interesting bark like red, yellow or purple osier for a splash of seasonal color; the branches themselves offer enough color that it does not matter if the leaves have already fallen.

• Place fresh cranberries and nuts in a bowl and top them with a votive candle.

• Lighting candles in the evening can make any room feel cozy and inviting. If you don’t have allergies or sensitivities, try some of the autumn inspired fragrances.

• It’s time to bring out the blankets and throws and drape them over your sofa and chairs for people to wrap themselves in. Using soft textures and earthy or spicy fall colors will make your living room feel welcoming and comfy.

• Pull out your pottery or ceramic tea set and put it to good use infusing fragrant tea for you and your guests to enjoy. Not a tea drinker, make a batch of spicy apple cider in the slow cooker and your house will smell incredible all day.

Green Tip: by using natural materials and items that you already have on hand, all of these nature-inspired fall decorating ideas are eco-friendly.

If your home needs more TLC than what these simple do-it-yourself home improvement decorating projects can offer, perhaps it is time to talk to a general contractor about remodeling the key areas of your home or building a home addition.

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