Finishing Your Teenaged Boy’s Bedroom

by Rachel Laurendeau on October 10, 2012

Does your next home improvement project consist of redecorating your teenaged son’s bedroom? Or maybe you’re finishing your basement so that your teen can have a larger room or more privacy? We’ve got some tips for finishing a teen boy’s bedroom that will reflect his personality and interests without breaking the bank.

First step is to get your teen on board with the decorating. Have them make some (or better yet, ALL) of the choices so they have a vested interest. If they just aren’t interested, then keep it simple. Once they have a basic backdrop they might be more inclined to add a few personal touches.

1. Let the room reflect their personality, tastes and interests. A theme doesn’t have to be taken to the extreme. Rather, it is a starting point to influence the direction of the decor. More of a nod to their interest than a full-fledged theme.
• Is your teen into a certain sport or team? How about using their favorite sports’ team colors as a jumping off point?
• They love to shred up the hill? Make a small table or bench out of an old snowboard.
• Hooked on chess? Use a black and white checkered floor tile pattern.
• Crazy about skateboarding? Have a graffiti artist make a mural on one of the walls as a focal point.
• All about playing golf? Why not an argyle patterned bedspread or curtains?
• Interested in vintage cars? Put up a large-scale wall decal of their favorite car.

2. Give them plenty of tools to keep their room clean and organized. There is no point in undergoing an extensive home improvement or decorating project only to have the room quickly turn into a giant, stinky mess.
• Make sure there is a laundry hamper in a convenient spot for all the dirty clothes.
• Hang hooks behind doors and inside the closet for quick and easy hanging of clothes, sweaters and school bags.
• Provide storage boxes and shelves for accumulated teen stuff.

3. Create different “areas” within the room.
• Of course, the bed (sleeping area) is the most important part of the room.
• If you don’t have another study space in the house, you’ll want to create an area that is conducive to focusing and productivity with a large desk, comfortable chair and task lighting.
• Finally, if the room is large enough, you may want to create a relaxing area for hanging with comfy chairs and a side table.

When it comes to decorating for teenaged boys, don’t overdo it. Teen’s tastes will change fairly quickly so you may be re-doing it sooner than you think. Talk to your local home improvement expert for more ideas on finishing a basement bedroom or decorating for the young people in your life.

What innovative ideas have you come up with for decorating your teen’s bedroom? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comment section below.

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