Using Decorative Window Film for Privacy and Style

by Rachel Laurendeau on September 27, 2012

Decorative vinyl window films are a great way to create privacy or block an unsightly view while still letting in natural light.

Where to Use Window Film
I think most homes have at least one window for which it can be difficult to choose a window treatment. Traditional window treatments like draperies and blinds often don’t work on oddly shaped windows or those that are high up. Sidelights, transoms and front doors can be very difficult to figure out since you don’t want the window coverings to get in the way or the door or window frame, nor do you want them flapping around. Window film is a great option in these cases.

Good quality vinyl window films are also a great option on new windows in rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms and they allow plenty of natural light in so that you can get ready under the most flattering light.

Other types of window coverings may block views when they are closed but the minute you open them to let the light in, you’re faced with the side of your neighbor’s house or another unsightly building or traffic that your apartment or condo may look out onto. The window film stays in place so you’re never confronted by the less than appealing views.

In addition to using the film on windows, you can also use it decoratively around the edges of a mirror, to cover a glass tabletop or to create privacy on glass shower doors. Just let your creativity guide you.

Style and Design
There are lots of different styles and price points when it comes to window films. Many of the commercially available films look cheap, are more difficult to apply and do curl after some time. However, some of the high-end films can be very pricey, reaching the $100 a roll mark. This is definitely a case of getting what you paid for but I feel it’s worth trying to find a happy medium in this situation. You can also think about how much traditional window coverings would cost and make your decision with that in mind.

As for color and design, the cheaper ones are often colorful, faux-stained glass types. My personal preference, from a design point of view, is the colorless or light opaque film with patterns or simply the plain matte version that easily suits any room. There are some really beautiful patterns available, particularly from European designers.

Easy to Install
Vinyl window film is easy to install; this really is a no-brainer DIY home improvement project. It is usually sold in rolls or sheets so you simply measure and cut the film to the exact size that you need, wet the window and apply the film. A tiny squeegee (or credit card) can be helpful for removing little air bubbles caught between the film and window.

Window films are an excellent tool to have in your design toolbox in a time when more people are moving into condos and apartments and when houses are being built closer together. They can help provide natural light indoors while maintaining privacy and blocking unappealing views. Plus, they can be used on new windows, replacement windows and even on less than perfect older windows.

Inspiration: casasugar and 2jane

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