The Frugal Bathroom Facelift

by Rachel Laurendeau on September 17, 2012

Sometimes, a bathroom just needs a little makeover to perk it back up after a few years of use. Let these frugal bathroom remodeling tips inspire you to take on your own home improvements without breaking the bank.

Paint – give the bathroom a fresh coat of paint but make sure you prime it first or use a brand that has primer built into the paint as this will give you a more even coat and will help your paint hold up better. Since bathrooms are humid and water does get splashed around, you should consider using a semi-gloss paint as it repels moisture fairly well. If you have had any mold or mildew problems or you have a bathroom that sees a lot of moisture, then you may want to consider a paint that inhibits mold and mildew such as Sherwin Williams’ Bath Paint.
Frugal: ask at the paint counter if they have any mistints. You never know what lovely color you might come across at a fraction of the price.
More frugal: of course, if you have a gallon of paint in a color that you love sitting in your basement or garage, that’s the most pennywise option!

Bathtub or shower – there are few ways to change up a bathtub or shower on a budget but a few little things updates can go a long way. Replace any caulking that is looking dingy or mildewed, and scrub until the old tiles shine. In the case of a tub with an old sliding door, take out the door (this will take some elbow grease, be prepared) and replace it with a nice rod and new shower curtain.
Frugal: bathtub refinishing is a great way to make all the old stains and chips disappear and get your tub looking like new again.
More frugal: use a funky old curtain or fabric that you already have and sew them into a cheerful shower curtain or window curtain.

Vanity, countertop and sink – are the main things that you see when entering the bathroom and are well worth investing in. If your vanity or cabinets are made of wood, you can sand and stain or them. Don’t forget to stain or paint the mirror frame as well. Changing out the hardware on the vanity is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to bring it up to date.
Frugal: staining is a better option than painting, as it will last longer and withstand chipping.
More frugal: rather than installing a new countertop or sink, have them refinished at the same time as your tub refinishing is being done.

Add a few finishing touches like fluffy towels, a cozy bath mat, a few accessories and your favorite photograph or inspirational quote and there you have it: a brand new bathroom at a very attractive price.

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