His and Hers Bathrooms

by Rachel Laurendeau on August 30, 2012

Typically, when we think of a couple sharing the master bathroom, we might think of dual sinks or even two separate vanities with their own sinks, mirrors and cabinets. In some homes, people take the concept even further and create two separate bathrooms: one for each spouse.

Keeping the Peace
For some couples, sharing the bathroom just doesn’t work. Whether it’s issues like toothpaste being left behind in the sink or your partner’s stuff is encroaching on your area and you can’t find your hair dryer. It could be that you both need to be in the bathroom at the same time to get ready for work in the morning and there just isn’t enough counter or mirror space for both of you. Or, frankly, you might just want a tiny bit of square footage to call your own. Maybe what you need is a bathroom remodel or overhaul to create two distinct bathrooms.

A Little Corner of Your Own
Having a spot in the house that you can call your own can really be good for you and having separate spaces says nothing about the strength of your marriage but rather shows respect for individual needs. Depending on the size of your home, building in two bathrooms might not even be a viable option. In some cases, having split bathrooms might mean sacrificing the extra large ensuite for two smaller bathrooms. However, if the personal space is important to you then you are more than likely willing to give up a little square footage. If you don’t have a lot of extra space, perhaps you could carve out a corner (from a closet or guest room) for a small powder room with its own sink, mirror, cabinet and toilet. Another option, would be to create distinct spaces within one bathroom, as they’ve done in this bathroom found on the houzz website.

Decorating for the Sexes
In most cases, we keep our bathroom décor fairly gender neutral. However, if you are building a bathroom for each of you, you could easily design and decorate each bathroom according to the individual’s preferences. One spouse might prefer dark wood and moody lighting while the other prefers crisp white and sparkling chandeliers. In the case of individual bathrooms, each gets their own way.

Of course, having individual “his and hers” bathrooms is certainly a luxury that not all of us can afford either in our budget or for lack of extra space. That being said, if it is within your means and it will make you happier and make your marriage run more smoothly, then I would say that’s a worthwhile home improvement and it might just be time to phone your bathroom remodelers.

Inspiration: www.apartmenttherapy.com and www.houzz.com

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