Top Bathroom Remodeling Tips

by Rachel Laurendeau on August 28, 2012

Your perfect bathroom remodeling project should meet all of your physical needs yet also inspire you and nourish your soul.

1. Set out a realistic budget for yourself and stick to it. Do some research beforehand to make sure that the amount you have set aside will be sufficient to do the job well.
2. When going through a complete bathroom remodeling, choose your fixtures wisely. It’s not every day that you will be ripping out a shower or bathtub so make sure you choose good quality fixtures with simple, clean lines.
3. Try it out. Sit in a bathtub to make sure it is the right size and has the right back angle, footholds and shelves. Likewise, sit on the toilets in the showroom, play with the taps and faucets and make sure the vanity is just the right height.
4. Select water and energy saving plumbing and lighting fixtures. The extra money you spend now will help you save on your utility bills down the road.
5. Good lighting is essential in a bathroom. Various types of lighting fixtures should be included and placed so as to minimize shadows. For example, you will want light above the vanity and mirror, in or above the shower and tub, in addition to general ambient lighting. Dimmer switches are a great addition for those bleary-eyed mornings.
6. Choose durable bathroom flooring that can withstand humidity and the every day rigors of bathroom life. Ceramic, glass or porcelain tiles, cork and bamboo are all great bathroom options.
7. Unless you are renovating a powder room, you will want to ensure that there is plenty of storage in your bathroom. A vanity with drawers or cabinet doors, a repurposed piece of antique furniture, a medicine cabinet or a recessed cabinet built right into the wall between wall studs are all ways to achieve maximum storage.
8. Make sure that there are some soft touches. Bathrooms are inherently solid and cold so it is important to add textiles, draperies, plush towels and fluffy rugs to make the room feel warmer and more inviting.
9. Add a few luxury items that will make you happy. Home remodeling has to do with function but it also has to do with style and meeting your needs. What nourishes your soul and inspires you? Long baths in a soaker tub? Soothing music to start your day? The sparkle of recycled glass tiles or of crystals in a chandelier? Your favorite photograph in a vintage frame? These are just a few ideas to get you thinking of little luxuries to include for yourself.

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