Home Improvements to Get You To the Top of the Class – Back to School, Part 3

by Rachel Laurendeau on August 24, 2012

Before your kids head back to school, you may want to round them up to help you finish a few home improvement projects around the house. This will be time well spent together and will help get your home and your family ready to ease back into the school year.

Here are some budget-friendly do-it-yourself home improvement projects for the back-to-school season:

• Clean out and reorganize closets and dressers. Games and toys that are no longer age appropriate and clothes that no longer fit can be boxed up and donated or handed down. This will free up some much-needed closet space. Adding closet organizers and shelves is a great way to help keep things orderly too.

• Give the children’s rooms or the study area a fresh coat of paint. If the kids are helping, we strongly recommend using a no-VOC paint to reduce the chances of exposing them to nasty chemicals. Colors to consider for a study space for young minds include: green for focus, concentration and harmony; touches of muted shades or red, orange or yellow to energize and stimulate creativity (just be sure to use in moderation as it can be too stimulating); blue for calm and confidence.

• Give the study room a good cleaning and get rid of any unnecessary clutter. Getting rid of clutter will help keep young minds focused on their studies instead of on a myriad of little distractions.

• Make sure that study and reading areas are well lit. Add table or floor lamps if necessary or consider changing out dated overhead lighting fixtures for modern track fixtures that can be focused on different parts of the room.

• Make a DIY bulletin board to post calendars, pictures and art work. While you’re at it, you can also create a personalized family calendar to help keep track of everyone’s activities. There are lots of online tutorials but a great place to start is on Tipnut where theres’s an extensive list of bulletin board and memo board ideas.

• Go shopping for desks, chairs, area rugs and other furniture keeping in mind your children’s current and future needs. Don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time to assemble the furniture if they don’t come pre-assembled. There are often back to school sales in August and September so now is a great time to look. You could also keep an eye on estate sales, garage sales and antique shops if you prefer not to buy new furniture.

Most of these projects are straightforward but if you need a hand from the pros or think it’s time to build a study room you can always call a general contractor or home improvement expert.

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