The Perfect Study Space – Back To School, Part 1

by Rachel Laurendeau on August 22, 2012

As much as I dislike being the bearer of bad news, we have to admit that summer will soon be drawing to a close. For most families, that means that back-to-school thoughts and preparations are on their minds or in progress. With September quickly approaching, we thought that a back-to-school series would be a good idea. Let’s start with creating a study space in your home to help the students in your family flourish this year.

Carving out the right study spot.
There are a few factors that will determine the right place to study. The first issue is the age of the students and the second is the physical space that is available in your home.

Obviously, younger children need to be nearer to adults who can help them when they’re stuck during homework tasks. As kids get older, they will need a more quiet space to concentrate and probably more room to sprawl out.

Studying can happen anywhere, just keep your child’s particular learning style (and how easily distractible they are) in mind.
• The kitchen table, kitchen island or the breakfast nook are great options for younger children, particularly where quiet is not an issue.
• Having a desk or table in the sunroom, living or family room can also work but this can be tricky since there are so many distractions around.
• If your child’s bedroom is large enough, you can tuck a desk in their room. This really works best for children who are self-motivated and will get their homework done without being reminded to focus.
• As kids get older, having a dedicated study room is ideal. This would allow them to spread out at a large desk and not worry about picking up their papers and books every time they take a break. It is also a great place to have a computer and printer and the rest of their technology.
• If you don’t have the space for a study room on the main floor, finishing a room in the basement might be a better option. If your basement is finished, perhaps there is space that could be rededicated for the purpose of studying. Basement remodeling isn’t an overnight process but your kids will be doing homework and studying for years to come so it is a worthwhile investment of your time and money.

Computer Access and Safety
Most homes in the United States have a computer and an internet connection. Children are using them from a very young age and are often expected to hand in assignments that they have researched and written on the computer. As parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that our kids are using the Internet safely and with supervision. Most experts agree that having a computer in a child’s bedroom is not recommended but rather that the computer should be placed in a common area were supervision is easier.

We all want to see our children succeed and we want to give them the best possible set-up in which to complete their homework. Some juggling of your space and reconsidering the uses of each room in your house can help you make the necessary changes to adapt your home to your little learners’ needs. If you need some help with remodeling your space, talk to your local home improvement expert or basement remodeling contractor.

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