Perfectly Pink Bathroom Remodeling

by Rachel Laurendeau on August 8, 2012

While we may think of shades of pink for a baby nursery or a little girl’s room, we may not often think of it as a grown up color or as a color in a gender-neutral space. However, here are some ideas for turning expectations of this color on their heads and making pink pop in your fabulous bathroom.

Soft pinks are great in small bathrooms with little light as they reflect light and cast a warm glow. What’s more, light pinks tend to complement most skin tones and give your skin a healthy glow – the perfect characteristic for a bathroom or powder room color.

Pink and….
It can be difficult to find just the right shade of pink. Here are some of my favorite color combinations:
• Bright pink and white (Benjamin Moore Peony 2079-30 and Wedding Veil 2125-70) Peony might just be my favorite of all pink paint colors for its boldness and vibrancy!
• Pink, white and black for a sophisticated look (Benjamin Moore Royal Flush 2076-20, Paper Mache AF-25, Wrought Iron 2124-10)
• Pink and grey-blue (Benjamin Moore Gypsy Pink 2077-20 along with Exhale AF-515 and Blue Veil 875)
• Muted pink with dark brown for a very sophisticated and gender-neutral combination (Benjamin Moore Wild Aster 1240, Night Horizon 2134-10 and Hint of Mauve 2097-50)
• Pink on pink – this is not for the faint of heart and is a really great way to deal with pre-existing pink tiles or fixtures. Take a look at design seeds’ pomegranate pink palette for inspiration.

Where to Introduce Pink
• Walls
• Painted shelves or small pieces of furniture
• Painted knobs or drawer pulls
• Boldly patterned textiles: shower curtains, draperies, towels
• Accessories: toothbrush holders, rugs, vases, fresh flowers
• Art and photography

Less Is More
Mid-century American homes often had pink bathroom tiles and fixtures which were generally a shade best described as Pepto-Bismol pink. Trends have cycled and today we generally see most of the permanent fixtures in crisp, clean white. Since color trends come and go, rather than installing a pink toilet or having your custom shower clad in pink tile during your bathroom remodeling, keep the more permanent fixtures neutral and use pink in less long-lasting ways.

Embracing the Retro
However, if your home already has a pink tub or tiles and your budget or your desire do not include a huge overhaul, it may be time to accept the pink. You can do this by embracing the retro look and running with it or you may want to find ways to downplay the pink.

While pink bathrooms come with a sense of nostalgia, they are also a wonderfully modern twist on a bold bathroom color and may just be what you need to liven up your bathroom remodeling project. Pink is cheerful, uplifting, stimulating and encouraging, just what the doctor ordered as you step into the bathroom to start your day!

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