French Doors – Simple and Elegant Home Improvement

by Rachel Laurendeau on August 4, 2012

French doors are a beautiful and simple way to add style, let more light in and give a bit of privacy to any room in the house.

Usually, but not always, French doors are part of a pair of doors with glass panels that extend the full length of the door. Styles vary from traditional dark wooden with ten glass panels right up to sleek modern variations with large single panels of glass. They can swing outward, inward and you can even find French doors that slide. When selecting the right French doors or new windows for your home, you will want to choose those that echo the style of the room and the house to make the space feel more cohesive.

Why Use French Doors?
• Can be used either as interior or exterior doors.
• Create a welcoming entrance into any room.
• Allow light to shine from one room into another. My favorite example of this would be to have your sunroom connected to the main living area of the house via French doors. This allows the natural light and the view to be appreciated further into the home. You can allow even more light to flow through if you add a transom above or sidelights on either side of your doors.
• Create a division of space within the home, particularly in areas that do not require very much privacy.

Where To Use French Doors?

As exterior doors:
• They are often seen leading onto a patio or deck. I love having French doors leading from my kitchen to my backyard deck. They let in light while also giving us easy access to our grilling and outdoor entertaining area.
• They are lovely off the master suite to step onto the terrace or balcony.
• Leading out to a backyard garden – there’s a reason they’re also called garden doors!

As interior doors:
• French doors are excellent for adding a sense of separation to rooms that benefit from being separate but not private such as the dining room, den, TV room, home library or home office.

• They are sometimes used as bedroom doors to add a sense of grandeur, particularly onto a spacious master bedroom. In this case, you’ll probably want to have either frosted glass or draperies to provide a little privacy into your bedroom.

• French doors add a touch of elegance to a master bath as well. (See above note regarding draperies.)

• They can even be used as closet doors, particularly if your closet has no natural light source. Just remember, you’ll have to keep your closet particularly tidy and organized for this to look good.

Changing out the doors in your home can be a simple way to add a new look and shed some more light on your space. Talk to your local door and window replacement experts for more information on installing French doors in your home.

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