An Ode to Hammocks and Porch Swings – Swing Those Dog Days of Summer Away

by Rachel Laurendeau on July 26, 2012

In my opinion, there is nothing better on a hot summer afternoon or evening than sitting on a porch swing, enjoying the shade and a light breeze with a cold drink in hand and a friend to share the swing with. This blog post is an ode to the often overlooked porch swings, gliders and hammocks, as they are my favorite spots to land in the summer.

Disclaimer: if you don’t yet have a porch or patio, this blog post my just inspire you to call your local general contractor and have them come out to build one for you in a hurry!

Millions of people in countries the world over can’t be wrong when it comes to resting in the shade for an afternoon siesta in their hammock. And nothing says you need to be in the tropics swinging between palm trees in order to enjoy a hammock. In fact, I think a porch is perfect for a hammock since you have built in shade. Ideally, for a porch or patio setting, you would set up your hammock on a freestanding stand, but you can also use heavy-duty hardware to hand it from your posts, as long as you are screwing into solid wood and not into your siding or other material that is easily damaged or that cannot withstand the load.

Swing Chairs
You can also get swing chairs that are inspired by hammocks or traditional swings. These are generally very comfortable and easy to hang from a joist or beam in the porch ceiling or from a tree branch. Since it is a seat, you are more upright than in a hammock so this might be a better option if you aren’t looking to spend your days snoozing.

Porch Swings
And last, but definitely not least, porch swings are available on stands, as gliders or can be hung the old fashioned way from above on galvanized steel chain or nylon rope. If your swing is the traditional wooden type, you will want to make it even more comfortable by adding lots of throw pillows covered in outdoor fabrics and keep a cozy blanket nearby for cool evenings.

If you are a woodworker or an avid do-it yourself type, you will want to read This Old House’s article for some easy to follow instructions for building your own porch swing. And, if you’re feeling really keen and crafty, Mother Earth News has DIY instructions for making a macrame hammock. Let us know in the comments section below how your projects turn out!

As for me, with all this talk of swings and hammocks, I’m feeling much too lazy for DIY home improvement project or anything other than lounging in my hammock with my book.

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