Top 5 Tips for Remodeling a Teen Girl’s Bathroom

by Rachel Laurendeau on July 23, 2012

Teenaged girls seem to spend ridiculous amounts of time in the bathroom so it only makes sense that they would want their bathroom to be completely tricked out to suit their needs and tastes.

Of course, most teens need to share their bathroom with other people in the house so if that’s the case in your family, then you may want to put some of these tips into practice and leave some of the others.

Counter space – you need a lot of counter space to spread out all your hair accessories and product, make-up and brushes. The larger the counter space the better it is. If you are going through the bathroom remodeling process, one thing you can do is offset your sink to one end of the vanity which then leaves you with a nice long, uninterrupted countertop.

Storage – you don’t want all of that stuff laying out on the bathroom vanity when it isn’t in use. To hide the clutter, you need closed cabinetry, medicine cabinet, shelving units and small drawers. These are all handy but they will work best if you have good organizers in them such as dividers, baskets, hooks and the like.

Good lighting and big mirrors – like any bathroom, this one needs excellent lighting, particularly around the vanity. And, of course, no teenager’s bathroom is complete without a full complement of mirrors! Think about including a tri-fold mirror so that your teen can check herself out from all angles.

Shower or tub – a nice big tub to soak in is fantastic but so is a custom shower. You’ll have to choose which one is more practical for your family or if you have the space to include both.

Message board – this may seem like an odd place for a message center but since you know that at a very minimum, your teen will be going in to brush their teeth at night and to get ready for school every morning, you’ll know for certain that they’ve seen the notes that you’ve left for them on their message board.

Let me end with a disclaimer. By no means to I want to stereotype or categorize teen girls. There is already too much of that in the media. The likes and dislikes of teens are as varied as the day is long. I’m writing this blog post based on my own (albeit distant) experiences and after having spoken to two of my nieces for their “expert” opinions.

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