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by Rachel Laurendeau on July 21, 2012

I’ve been in need of some relaxation and pampering as of late, so I’ve been thinking about what it would take to take my bathroom from nice to spahhhhh…

The Main Attraction
• Every good spa has fabulous tub! Whether you choose a traditional claw foot bathtub, Jacuzzi tub or hydrotherapy tub is up to you. Choosing the perfect bathtub takes some thought, and tubs are big-ticket, long-term items: take your time.

• In the shower, a massaging showerhead can help knead those tired shoulders. If you’re completely remodeling a bathroom, consider having your contractor install a multi-head shower system or rain showerhead. Nothing feels more relaxing and tropical than a rain shower.

• My personal favorite: the steam shower. Hot, steamy, and soothing for those achy muscles.

Floors, Walls and Windows
• It’s terribly jarring to step out of a long hot bath onto a cold stone or tile floor. What could be more sumptuous than having in-floor heating to keep those toes happy? You can also have the heating coil put on a timer so that it is toasty warm when you get up in the morning.

• Plan your lighting ahead of time. You’ll want different types of lighting throughout and the placement is important. Who wants glaring lights above them while they are trying to enjoy a soak? Dimmer switches are an ideal way to control the amount of light and the ambiance in your bathroom.

• When selecting paint colors, use spa-inspired colors on the walls as well as your accessories. If you aren’t crazy about pale blues or greens, choose a calm, quiet color that you love.

• Once your walls are painted, adorn them with one or two select pieces of art that are calm and soothing. You could also select one of your favorite vacation photographs and have it enlarged and framed to take you back to that special time and place.

• This is one room in the house where window coverings are a must unless you have frosted windows. Window treatments will provide privacy and allow you to control the amount of light that is coming in. In addition, adding a layer of draperies gives you the ability to add softer textures and a bit of color to the room.

Of course, any home spa retreat or master bathroom needs some special accessories to add the final layer of luxury. Think about your favorite spa and all of the attention to detail that you will find there. Now bring some of those details into your own spa.

• Candles or aromatherapy oils help create that candlelit spa atmosphere at home and the scents can have a dramatic impact on your mood whether you choose something like lavender to make you sleepy or lemon verbena to lift your spirits.

• Big fluffy towels are wonderful, but they are even cozier when they’ve been heated on a towel warming rack.

• Bathrobes and slippers are must-haves as well.

While we don’t all have it in our budgets to create extravagant home spas, I hope this blog will help inspire your next bathroom or home remodeling project so that you can create your own perfect oasis of calm.

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