Keeping Your Teen’s Room Tidy – Getting Organized, Part III

by Rachel Laurendeau on July 17, 2012

I was visiting with my teenaged nieces recently and realized that there is something pre-programmed in the teen brain making them unable to keep their bedroom tidy. Now, I’m not talking about filth and hoarding here, just general teenager messiness. So I figured since I had a couple of experts with me that I would tap into their knowledge and find out what it would take for them to keep things tidier. They had plenty of ideas so, right from the teen experts, here are the top necessities for a teenager’s bedroom:

• Dressers and closet space with bars, shelves and shoe racks should help keep clothes tucked away. If your room doesn’t have large enough closet space or space that isn’t functional, you can purchase a wardrobe, or better yet, have a better shelving or organizer installed or have built-ins made by your home improvement contractor.
• Hang hooks either behind the door, on the wall or in the closet for clothes that aren’t being hung back up in the closet. When hanging hooks, keep in mind your child’s current height, no point in having hooks up high out of reach where they won’t be used.
• A laundry hamper will give those dirty clothes a place to come to rest instead of being spread out all over the floor.
• Hang shelves on the walls for books and to display memorabilia.
• Top the dresser off with a jewelry box or memory boxes to store tiny things.
• Teens love having pictures of themselves and their friends and for some reason they tend to end up with lots of little bits and pieces of paper all over the place. A magnetic white board or a corkboard is a great way to get this stuff off the dresser/desk/floor. A fun DIY project is to personalize a corkboard by wrapping it in fun fabric or ribbon.
• When it comes to doing homework, having a nice big desk to spread everything out on is key, but so is having storage drawers for binders, papers, pens and pencils and all of the other odds and ends. If you have a very visual teen, open storage or clear plastic bins are ideal so that they can easily see where things are.
• Whether your teen is reading in bed or has a cozy reading chair in their room, make sure there is adequate task lighting for them to read by.

So there you have it, it would appear that easy-to-use storage is key. Having a cool bedroom that they want to keep clean and invite friends over to seems to be important too. Most of these tips can easily be achieved as do-it-yourself projects but if your teen’s bedroom needs a serious overhaul, talk to your local home improvement expert or your general contractor for more information.

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