Corn Blasting – Log Cabin Makeover

by Rachel Laurendeau on July 13, 2012

I was out spending a weekend at my friend’s cottage a few weeks back and noticed that there was a fore sale sign at her neighbors’ place. So like the curious wish-I –had-a –cottage person that I am, I decided to walk over and take a look. My friend hadn’t seen the neighbors around in over a year so I didn’t feel too badly poking around and peeking through the dusty windows of the old log cabin. And, of course, despite being run-down, the place got me dreaming of how lovely it could be in the right hands. My hands, that is…

Log homes and cabins require regular maintenance and it isn’t unusual for an unmaintained log structure to develop problems such as mold, mildew, soft or decaying wood and failed chinking. I started doing research into log home restoration and found that many companies who do log home maintenance and repair use harsh chemicals in the restoration process. I would certainly not want to introduce these types of chemicals into the environment if I’m buying a log cabin in the woods near a pristine lake. Additionally, I would not want to use them around my son or our pet nor would I want to restrict them from playing outside for days or weeks afterwards. And did I mention that the cabin cabin is on a well, I’d be concerned about those chemicals leaching through the soil right into the drinking water supply.

So, I kept searching and found that removing stains and discoloration from logs can be done through a natural and effective process called corn blasting. Basically, corncob blasting is a dry method that uses a mixture of highly compressed air and fine-grade corncob media to remove the existing coatings on logs and prepare them for refinishing. Since this is a dry method, you don’t have to wait for your wood to dry before refinishing as you would with other processes that use water or other liquids.

While many parts of your cottage restoration and home improvements might easily be do-it-yourself projects, corncob blasting needs to be done by professionals with the right training and equipment. A log home builder or restoration specialist should come assess your log home and give you an estimate for the corn blasting and restoration work. They usually charge on a square-foot basis and prices may vary from $2-7 per square-foot.

Restoring a log home or cabin to its original beauty is not an easy, quick or inexpensive project. But, if you are dedicated to the restoration, that run-down log cabin in the woods can be turned into your dream summer home and it can be done in an eco-friendly and family-friendly manner.

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