Versatility of Carpet Tile

by Rachel Laurendeau on July 2, 2012

Flooring trends in recent years have been moving away from wall to wall carpeting towards other options such as hardwood, bamboo, cork and laminates. However, most people still like the softness, warmth and style afforded by carpet and are choosing to add area rugs on top of their hard flooring surfaces. Instead of area rugs, it is worth looking into installing modular carpet tiles as a modern, versatile and easy way to add carpeting to your home.

There are different brands of carpet tiles with different installation methods. Some are self-adhesive so you simply take off the paper backing and place them where you’d like them. Others need to have double-sided carpet tape applied to the back before placing them. The third type, such as the ones by FLOR, are the most convenient and practical for homeowners: the tiles connect to one another instead of the floor so they can be removed more easily and don’t damage the flooring underneath.

Benefits and Versatility of Carpet Tile

• Most carpet tiles measure 18 inches by 18 inches, meaning that you can cover an area of just about any dimension with them (think long hall runners, small door mats, large area rugs).
• Carpet tiles are extremely adaptable and durable and can be used in just about any space. They work perfectly for mudrooms, kids’ rooms, laundry rooms, playrooms, hallways, entryways, or for basement finishing projects. You can even put them in front of the kitchen sink or in high traffic areas after your kitchen remodeling.
• They are also very durable. So much so, that they are often used in high-traffic commercial settings.
• Stained or damaged tiles can be replaced whenever needed. All you need to do is take out the stained tile and replace it with a fresh one. (Quick tip: depending on how many you have leftover, you may want to buy an extra package to keep in the storage closet as replacements. You wouldn’t want to go back to the store a year after buying your tiles and find out your pattern has been discontinued leaving you with no options for switch-ups and a huge red wine stain smack in the middle of your pattern.)
• Most carpet tiles have a particular pattern that manufacturers intend but you can change up the pattern by swapping the tiles around. Just mix and match the tiles to create the pattern you like the best.
• Carpet tile is excellent if you rent a home and want to cover up ugly old floors or rugs or if you just want to make the place feel more your own. Then, when you move out, all you have to do is pull up the tiles, take them with you and rearrange them in your new home.

Green Tip: If you are looking for a more ecologically sustainable option in carpeting, several brands of carpet tile can be found in natural or recycled fibers. The higher the recycled content, the smaller your footprint. Also, by using carpet tile instead of broadloom, you reduce the waste going to landfill since only small portions of your carpet need to be removed and replaced as it wears instead of 100% of it.

Considering the versatility of modular carpet tiles, they may just be the perfect finishing touch for your next home improvement project. Talk to your home remodeling expert for more information on modular carpet tiles and other flooring options.

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