Test Your Home Improvement Lingo

by Rachel Laurendeau on June 29, 2012

Taking on home renovation projects can be a bit daunting at times, especially if you aren’t familiar with all of the terminology that is being bandied about. Here is a chance to test your home improvement vocabulary. For each word, select the answer you believe is correct, then scroll down to see how well you’ve done. How many of these words can you nail?

1. Cork – a type of A) fireplace B) flooring C) ventilation system
2. Grasscloth – A) wall covering B) carpet C) skirt worn to luaus
3. Riser – part of a: A) roof B) staircase C) pulley system
4. Cladding – A) siding B) window treatment C) insulation
5. Sconce – A) wood panelling B) railing post C) wall light
6. Wainscot – A) siding B) wood paneling C) wrench
7. Sidelight – a window: A) above a door B) next to a door C) in the storm door
8. Spackle – A) glue B) paint. C) filler
9. Transom – A) horizontal window above a door B) breezeway between house and porch C) anchor point under a deck
10. Restoration – A) to repair to original state after fire or water damage B) to protect from the elements C) to laminate
11. Jamb – A) fruity spread for toast B) decorative border C) the outer framework of a door or window
12. R-value – A) rate of return B) insulating value of a material C) resale value
13. Grout – thin mortar used to fill joints between A) strips of wallpaper B) tiles or masonry C) wooden floor boards
14. Sash A) pretty ribbon on a dress B) the part of a window that can be opened C) part of the duct system that can control air flow
15. Eaves A) pitch of a roof B) attic vent on the roof C) lower edge of roof that projects away from the wall
16. Flue – A) pipe that vents smoke or gases outside B) bad stomach bug C) electrical outlet or receptacle
17. Baseboard – A) sub-flooring material B) trim applied where wall meets floor C) bulb socket
18. Egress – A) exit point B) footboard C) sander
19. Pendant – a type of A) light fixture B) nail C) tile cutter
20. Plumb – A) faucet aerator B) floatation ball C) perfectly vertical

1-B; 2-A; 3-B; 4-A; 5-C; 6-B; 7-B; 8-C; 9-A; 10-A;
11-C; 12-B; 13-B; 14-B; 15-C; 16-A; 17-B; 18-A; 19-A; 20-C

Vocabulary Ratings
10-14 fair (You may want to learn a bit more of the lingo before you start talking to the pros about your home improvement needs)
15-17 good (You are clearly in the know!)
18-20 excellent (Are you sure you aren’t a general contractor? Or maybe you`ve just lived through enough renos that you feel like one!)

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