Trash to Backyard Treasure

by SVW on June 27, 2012

Stop! Don’t throw those old shoes away. This blog can show you how to repurpose your worn-out shoes into a funky flower pot. Read on for this and more projects to spice things up in your backyard with items you once considered “trash”.

Repurposed Flower Pot Holder

When we wear our shoes out, many of us throw out or donate our old kicks. As good as donating is, it is also good to consider different ways to repurpose your items. It’s possible your donated shoes could turn into someone else’s trash so why not get some extra use out them before you pitch them. Boots are perfect because they are larger and offer more surface area for soil and roots (Dad’s old work boots are ideal).

Other items you can consider for this project include an old beat-up chair. The pot can be easily installed in the seat of the chair or, if you don’t feel like using tools, just set the pot on top of the seat. For a personalized touch, paint the name of the plant on the backrest of the chair like “Herbs” or “Orchids”. You could also consider turning those old shutters into a below the window container for flowers. Repurpose old equipment, like a rusty wheelbarrow into a large outdoor planter. The possibilities are endless and all these items can be found discarded around the house or at one of your local junk yards.

Wagon Wheel Wind Chime

If you’re like me, you have a collection of old items. You may not be sure what to do with them, but they’re interesting pieces that you just know will one day find their place. If you have a collection like this then this project is the perfect place to find a home for those promising pieces. If you don’t have old items laying around, you can always visit one of your local junk yards or re-sale shop and pick up some items for free or cheap. Items used in this project could include, but are not limited to old keys, pendants, gears, and chimes.

Don’t let this list deter you from using your imagination. If it can make a sound while clanking against the other pieces and appears durable enough to withstand the clanking, give it a try! Attach your pieces to an old wagon wheel (think small) with wire or even fishing line could work. I prefer fishing line because it is durable and allows for the most movement. You can always double or triple up on the fishing line to make it stronger, but if your pieces seem a bit too heavy you may want to use wire.

Let your imagination do the work for you. If something is old and just sitting around, unused, or you’re going to throw it away – stop and reconsider the possibilities. For more ideas like this, check out the rest of my Trash to Treasure series on this home improvement blog. Links provided below.

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