The Advantages of Installing Central Vac

by Rachel Laurendeau on June 25, 2012

Ok, I confess. I am no domestic diva. I love home improvement and remodeling projects, design, planning and generally, having a nice home; however, I really dislike cleaning up, dusting, and most of all, vacuuming. But, it has to be done, so I choose to do it in the least painful manner: with a central vacuum system.

Here are some of the benefits of a central vacuum sytem.

Less vacuum noise – most portable vacuums are very loud but we have come to accept that as part of the deal. Since the central vac’s canister and motor are typically installed either in the garage or basement, the noise is away from the main parts of the house where you would be cleaning, making it less bothersome.

Cleaner air and fewer allergies – a typical portable vacuum sucks up dust, dirt and allergens and then recycles the air back into the house. A good quality central vac system draws it all into the canister, which is housed in the basement or garage, and then it can exhausted outdoors.

Versatility – since the central vac is basically just a long hose that you attach your accessories to, it is easy to cart around the house and garage. It can be used on the usual culprits like carpets, floors and furniture but can also be taken up and down stairs without a second thought, reach your ceiling fan and window screens, and makes easy work of cleaning out the porch, car, boat or RV.

Effective, deep cleaning – because the central vacuum canister is not meant to be carried around, it houses a more powerful (heavier) motor that can be up to three times stronger than a portable vacuum’s motor. Plus, their suction power does not dwindle from particulate buildup in the filters or filled up vacuum bags.

Smart investment – the initial investment in a central vacuum system is higher than buying a portable vacuum but, you’ll save money in the long run since central vacs and their parts last longer than portables and they add to your home’s desirability during resale. The most cost-effective time to install central vac is during the building of a new home or before finishing a basement while the basement ceiling and walls are still open.

Your general contractor can even do the rough-in work during construction or basement finishing and you can install the system yourself later on, if you choose to.

All right then. All this talk of vacuuming has got me motivated. I’m going to go attack the dust that has been collecting on my living room ceiling fan while I dream of the Japanese soaking tub that I want to install in our basement bathroom.

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