Bold Bathroom Remodeling

by Rachel Laurendeau on June 12, 2012

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, but you don’t spend extended periods of time in there as you would in the living room or kitchen which makes it a great place to experiment with bold finishes.

When I see the word “bold”, I immediately think of bright colors. When creating your bold bathroom, you don’t have to choose an over-the-top, knock-me-out color palette unless you really want to.

• Think about using bright colors in small amounts for bold pops of color. You can simply paint or wallpaper one feature wall and keep the rest neutral.
• Consider going with a monochromatic color scheme and using different shades of one color. This will give more depth to the room without feeling too heavy or overwhelming.
• Soothing colors such a spa blue and tea green work wonderfully in a bathroom and can still create a bold statement when used correctly.
• Color does not have to be restricted to the walls. If you have a dated wood vanity that has seen better days, give it a few coats of paint in a bright shade of your favorite color.

Pattern, Texture and Materials
If you feel that bright bold colors would be overwhelming in your small space, you can alternatively create an impact by using interesting patterns and textures and including a variety of materials.

• Bright, graphic wallpaper creates a dramatic impact in any room.
• Patterned tile or recycled glass tile offer an interesting reflective surface.
• What’s more classic than a white, black and grey bathroom?
• Mix it up. If you use a busy pattern in your wallpaper, keep the backsplash simple and choose sleek modern fixtures. Or, if your walls are neutral, consider using more visually interesting tile or a beautifully intricate light fixture or even a hand painted vessel sink.

Certain bathroom fixtures are big-ticket items that require a long-term commitment. Perhaps you don’t want to use these types of items to reflect short-term trends and want to keep them classic and neutral. But, when it comes to bathroom remodeling, there is a world of options open to you for fixtures and you can think outside of the traditional shapes and finishes to create something bold and long-lasting.

• A concrete countertop and stainless steel sink paired together would create a durable, modern industrial look.
• Luxurious contemporary soaker tubs are available in interesting shapes.
• Beautifully shaped taps and faucets can create a focal point all of their own.
• Tile is multi-purpose in the bathroom and can be used as backsplash, flooring or as the shower or tub surround and gives you a multitude of options for pattern and color.

To embolden your bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean taking on a huge home improvement project. You can create a bold bathroom look by using interesting accessories like a big chunky mirror, a funky shower curtain, interesting window coverings, colorful patterned towels, and adding a vase of fresh cut flowers.

Bathrooms can often seem cold and boring so jazzing them up is unexpected and refreshing. Talk to your bathroom remodeler in the early stages of your planning process to take full advantage of their experience and knowledge.

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