Trash to Garden Treasures

by SVW on May 30, 2012

Sometimes we get caught up in the daily grind and conveniences of modern society that we forget to be conscious of what we throw out. What we sometimes consider trash can often be turned into treasure with a little elbow grease and imagination. The key being imagination.

Recycling helps material get re-purposed, but before you fill that blue bin consider if there is anything YOU can re-use or re-purpose. Reduce is one of the three R’s that often gets forgotten because when you recycle you think you’re doing your part (& you are!) but finding ways to reduce the number of recyclables you send off can make a big difference too.

For the following garden project, if you don’t have all of these items just sitting around at home you can go to a junk yard or used auto parts shop to find the items you need for next to nothing or free.

Gas Can Birdhouse

Using an old tin gas can you can build a spacious home for the birds in your neighborhood. First, you’ll need to clean the gas can thoroughly to ensure all residue from the former contents has been cleansed away. You want to provide the birds with a safe home and also, for your safety during installation. The gas can will hang horizontally, with the mouth of the gas can on the side. Attach the shutter panels on either side of the can to create a roof and add a metal handle to hang from a tree.

Below is a list of materials you will need in addition to basic garage tools. The birds will take care of the rest!


  • Old Gas Can
  • Old Shutter Panels
  • Paint

This blog is a part of the Trash to Treasure series. You can view my previous blog, Trash to Home Treasures, for more home improvement tips on turning “junk” into useful items around the house items. For more information on the trash to treasure craft featured in this blog, visit I believe Robo Junker said it best with “I use recycled and reclaimed items to make these one-of-a-kind creations. Therefore, you may find variations in color and construction as well as Leftover nails or the occasional dent or ding, etc. I feel these things add to the character of the piece, and illustrate it’s former life.”

Stay tuned for more Trash to Treasure blogs soon!

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