Powder Room Home Improvement

by Rachel Laurendeau on May 29, 2012

The term powder room describes a small bathroom that typically contains only a sink and toilet; it’s often referred to as a half-bath as well. Generally, powder rooms are on the main floor of a house so that guests can use the facilities without needing to go upstairs to the more private space of the home. If your powder room is feeling lackluster, why not give it a facelift and make it a true star?

Since a powder room is, by definition, quite small, updating it is generally a manageable home improvement project that can be done on its own or as part of a larger home remodeling undertaking. Once you’ve pinpointed your style and design preferences, talk to a bathroom remodeling professional who can help you along in the planning process before the actual work starts.

The Basics
When it comes right down to it, a powder room is a small box with a toilet and sink. Doesn’t sound too glamorous on its own, so choosing the right basic elements is essential. Start with the flooring. This is a small room so splurge on the best flooring that you can afford so you won’t be thinking about replacing the floor in just a few years. Classic options would be subway, hexagonal or marble tile but also consider colorful Mexican tile or cozy cork flooring for a different twist. The sink and vanity are also key elements. A pedestal sink would be best if you are limited by space but if you have a bit more room you can opt for a floating vanity or a vanity that looks like a piece of furniture.

Once the basic elements are in place it is time to add the embellishments. When decorating a powder room, it is easy to put your own style in the small room and take some big design chances. Unique light fixtures and mirrors, dramatic paint or wallpaper all help to create the impression that you’re going for. Finishing touches can be added with accessories such as art on the walls, cut flowers and plush towels.

A powder room is a great selling point if you are considering putting your house on the market. If your home doesn’t already have one, a hall closet or empty space under the staircase could be converted into a small bathroom, giving you a great return on investment down the road. If you are updating the powder room for re-sale purposes, scale back on your personal style and keep things neutral to appeal to a wider audience.

Green Tip – To make your powder room renovation more eco-friendly, consider installing a low-flow faucet and dual-flush or low-flow toilet. You could also give new life to a beautiful piece of salvaged furniture by turning it into a stunning vanity.

For more information on powder room renovations or conversions, talk to your local bathroom remodeler or home improvement expert.

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