Creating an Inviting Front Entrance

by Rachel Laurendeau on May 25, 2012

Your front door and entryway create first impressions for passersby and visitors alike. They also have an impact on how you feel as you arrive home every day. Think of how you would feel pulling into your driveway after a long day at work to see overgrown weeds, sagging front steps and an old door. Dread, stress, overwhelmed? Now think of how different it would feel to arrive to an inviting front entrance with a few cheerful potted plants on the steps, a well-lit and clean front porch and everything tidily set in its place. Happy, at ease, welcomed, peaceful? If you prefer the feeling that the second scenario produced in you, read on!

Clean Up. Give your door a good cleaning by wiping it down and washing the knobs or handles to get rid of dirt and smudges. While you’re at it, give the front steps a good power washing, wash the windows of your door, storm door, and sidelighst or transom, clean the cobwebs out of the corners and dust your light fixture before putting in a new high wattage bulb. Make sure that your walkway and front steps are swept on a regular basis, just as you would clean your indoor floors.

Coat of Paint. Do any of the wooden window frames, shutters or doorframes need to be sanded and given a fresh coat of paint to spruce them up?

Consider painting your front door in a vibrant new color that makes you smile. When choosing the color for your door, you’ll want to keep in mind the exterior and interior of your home but don’t let that limit your color choice. Red is popular for front doors as it is thought to not only be a welcoming color but also to attract positive energy, happiness and luck into your home. (I don’t by any means want to represent myself as a fung shui expert so I would suggest doing more research if this is a topic of interest to you.)

Focal Point. Create an inviting focal point by filling decorative pots with colorful potted plants or small potted trees or, add a small water fountain next to the door. If there is enough room, you could include a couple of inviting chairs and a small table or even a porch swing to entice you to stop, sit and enjoy.

If it’s time to spruce up your front entrance to create a more welcoming impression, talk to your local home improvement expert or general contractor for more tips and guidance.

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Leave a comment below to tell us what you’ve done to make your front entrance more inviting to guests and give you a sense of peace when you walk up your front steps. What color is your front door?

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