Maximize Your Closet Space With Organizational Storage

by SVW on May 9, 2012

Who couldn’t use more space in their closet? Personally, I am always looking for ways to maximize my closet storage space. If your closet is bare, add some shelves! All you need is some 2-by-4 inch pieces of wood. Drill them in and voilà, built in storage space! Put some baskets or containers on the shelves for easy access of your stuff. This is a great way to get organized and add space.

My itty-bitty closet only has about one 3-foot wide railing. Doesn’t hold much. If you’re looking to hang more clothes, consider a garment rack. Garment racks come with one pole for holding longer items like dresses or two poles, an upper and lower pole, for holding two layers of clothing. Many garment racks are rolling with an option to lock the wheels into place on tile or hardwood flooring. You can even buy a zippered cover to protect your clothing, almost like a closet. The only downside to this solution is that now the garment rack is taking up space in another part of your bedroom or home. And for some of us this is not an option.

If you need additional storage solutions for clothes try cascading hangers. Cascading hanger allow you to hang multiple hangers on one hook. For those bigger items you don’t use much, like out of season bedding, try vacuum sealing bags. These bags condense large items and utilize three-times less space. Just vacuum the excess air out of the bag and those once bulky items will take up just a fraction of the space regular containers take. They also prevent mold and are waterproof.

A lot of times we forget to utilize the space under our beds because we think it is not easily accessible. Consider pull-out drawers that are short in height and deep in width to accommodate. The key is getting drawers that slide far under your bed and provide maximum storage capability. You can even get a rolling pull-out tub for under your bed. Be sure to measure the height under your bed before you shop for drawers. Plastic drawers are probably the cheapest, most durable drawer solution.

If the space under your bed isn’t very high, consider raising your bed up with bed lifts. These lifts come in sets of four to place under each post of your bed and raise it up. After you do so, you will be elated by the new found storage space. What I like about storage under the bed is that it is hidden. Best of all, this space saving solution is inexpensive. These can be found at most department stores for $10-20 for a set of four. For a more permanent solution, invest in a high rise bed frame. Take you storage needs into your own hands and make self storage in your home! For moving storage option check out this other My Home Improvement blog.

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