Outdoor Grilling Heaven

by Rachel Laurendeau on May 4, 2012

It’s that time of year again, when you can’t step outside for fresh air without smelling the neighbor’s dinner cooking on their barbecue. Yes, it’s time to stop envying the neighbor’s steaks, invite your friends and family over and fire up your grill in your little slice of backyard cooking heaven. Here are some things to consider as you prep your backyard for the barbecue season.

The Grill
The first thing you’ll want to do is choose your grill. Evaluate how often you’ll use it, how much food you’ll be cooking at once and whether you want charcoal, propane or natural gas. The actual size of the grill will determine some of the dimensions of your deck. There are thousands of options out there so choose your model with care.

The Set-Up
When setting up your outdoor kitchen, think of how your indoor kitchen works and the type of flow you have from one area to the other. What will you include in your backyard kitchen? Do you want an outdoor prep area? If so, you’ll need a countertop or table to act as your workspace. A mini-fridge can be handy for keeping sauces and beverages. Does your entertaining require a wine fridge? Some people even hire a plumber to install a small sink to wash up a few dishes. And, of course, you’ll need a table and chairs where you can sit down to enjoy your meals.

Decide how elaborate or simple your set-up will be and then plan the layout. You want the grill to be easily accessible to the house, but not so close that you create fire hazards, and, you’ll want it tucked out of the way of main walkways.

The surface you’re on is important too. Will you build a wood or composite deck or a stone patio? Whatever you choose should blend well with the look of your house and yard; think of it as your outdoor flooring.

The Extras
If you want a more permanent and convenient grill, you can have a gas fitter or plumber install natural gas line that you simply plug into.

Overhead lighting is a nice touch so that you can check your meat, even when you’re grilling after dark. Ambient lighting around your deck or yard will also add a nice touch to your backyard barbecue.

And maybe, as you create this perfect backyard space, you’ll decide to put in a hot tub to enjoy too!

With the right set-up, you will enjoy countless hours of outdoor entertaining as you host your own perfect barbecues in your backyard grilling heaven.

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