Attic Art Studio

by Rachel Laurendeau on May 2, 2012

If you are an artist, you have probably wished more than once for a space in your home that is dedicated completely to your art and creativity. For most of us, space is at a premium and dedicating an entire room to an art studio doesn’t seem possible. But let’s think outside the box for a moment, where could you tuck in a small studio space? Is there room in your basement, under your staircase, in an unused guest bedroom or a converted garage or shed? What about the attic? If the space in your attic is already finished, this will be an easy home improvement. If you haven’t done an attic remodeling yet, then now would be a great time to determine if this is potentially useable space.

Depending on the type of art you do, the media you work with and the scale of your projects, your needs will vary. Each art studio will be as unique as the artist but there are a few elements that should always be present.

Start with as much natural light as possible either large windows, dormers or a skylight. You will undoubtedly need additional lighting for cloudy days or for those evenings that you dedicate to your art. Ceiling light fixtures as well as task lighting using color-corrected or full-spectrum fluorescent light bulbs are recommended while incandescent and halogen bulbs are not. Incandescents because of the yellow hue they give off and halogens because they emit quite a bit of heat and can damage your paint, props, etc.

Fresh air is always nice, but in an artist’s studio where various types of paints, thinners and other media create fumes it is especially important to have good air circulation. Windows that open are good but a mechanical ventilation system would be even better. Talk to your contractor about your options.

You will likely want a durable, washable surface in your studio. Whatever you choose you may also want to cover the floor with a canvas or denim drop cloth in order to protect it.

Running Water
Art can be messy. Having running water in your studio would make for much easier cleanup. However, this will depend on the scope of the home improvement project you are taking on and whether or not you want to add plumbing to the attic.

Every artist needs somewhere to store their supplies, props and materials. It’s hard to be creative when you’re staring at piles of clutter all over the room but you’ll also need easy access to the materials that you use regularly. Storage cabinets, shelves and baskets are good starting points to storage solutions.

This is a starting point to turn your attic, or any other space in your home, into the perfect art studio in which you’ll find creative inspiration. Find your inspiration and get started on creating your home’s masterpiece attic art studio. Talk to your local home improvement expert or general contractor for more information.

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