How To Choose The Perfect Bathtub

by Rachel Laurendeau on April 23, 2012

If you’re undertaking a home improvement in your bathroom, you are likely thinking of upgrading your bathtub. This is a big-ticket item, particularly once you factor in its installation. Before you head out shopping for the perfect tub you’ll want to consider the following questions:

Who will be using the bathtub?
Are elderly people or someone with a mobility issue who will need to use the tub? If so, then you will want to choose a tub that is easy to get into and out of. Will the tallest person in the household need enough room to sprawl out? A standard length/width may not accommodate everyone. If you’ll be bathing children in this tub then you may not want a deep soaker tub since you’ll be bent over getting a backache as you shampoo their hair.

What will be the bathtub’s main use?
Will the tub be for daily family use, washing pets or will it be used as your own luxurious hideaway tub? If this is purely a functional tub then all the bells and whistles might not be needed. On the other hand, if you are splurging on a luxurious bathroom renovation to create your own little paradise then you’ll be considering something to soak away your cares.

Where will the bathtub be located?
If you are installing a new bathtub during a bathroom remodeling, you may be restricted by the size of your bathroom, doorways or even a staircase if the bathroom is on the second floor of your home. An alternative to tearing down walls to accommodate a bigger tub is to have your existing bathtub refinished to its former beauty.

What style of bathtub or special features are you looking for?
Once you’ve answered the above questions, it’s time to start thinking of the actual bathtub model that you’d like. Will it be enclosed on three sides or be freestanding? Are you thinking of having long tranquil soaks or do you want something like a Jacuzzi tub or or hydrotherapy massage tub to ease your aching muscles? One of my personal favorite trends is tub refinishing of a freestanding antique clawfoot tub with modern fixtures like the one in the photo.

Whatever type of bathtub you choose, you will want to put plenty of thought and research into it as this will be a major purchase once you invest in the tub, fixtures and installation. Happy soaking!

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