Snow Removal Seasonal Wrap-Up

by Rachel Laurendeau on April 16, 2012

If you’re like me, now that warmer spring weather has arrived, the last thing you want to think about is snow and ice. However, if you hired a snow removal company this past winter, there are a few things to think about before closing the book on old man winter for another year.

Terms of the Contract
For starters, take a look at your contract to be sure that both you and your contractor have fulfilled the terms of your agreement. Has spring cleanup been done if it was required? Have you ensured that no damage was done to your property by large equipment?

Look through your bills and financial records to make sure that you have paid in full for the season, this way you won’t be surprised by a late notice just before heading out on summer vacation.

Renew Your Contract
Find out whether or not your contract automatically gets rolled over into next winter. Some companies will assume that you want to continue service when the snow flies while others assume that if you haven’t renewed you no longer require their services. They could go out and find new customers, leaving you stuck in a snowdrift next November if you haven’t made alternate arrangements. If you like your snow clearing company, I suggest letting them know that you would like to retain their services for next season.

Provide Feedback
Most reputable companies appreciate getting your feedback on the services they provide. Feel free to give them both positive comments and points that you may like them to improve upon for next winter. If you have only great things to say, you could always offer to be a reference for them when potential clients ask for one.

Off Season Services
Do you have services in place for spring and summer? Many snow removal companies also offer landscaping services including yard work or roofing repair. If you need any work done this season, why not retain the services of a company that you have a history with and who has proven themselves to you?

Hiring a snow removal service eliminates the hassle and back pain that usually comes with every snowfall and allows you the peace of mind in knowing that your driveway and walks will always be cleared so that they are free of snow and ice. For more information of snow and ice clearing services, talk to you local snow removal company.

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