Romantic Master Bedroom Balcony or Deck Additions

by Rachel Laurendeau on April 10, 2012

There is something about having a deck or balcony leading off the master bedroom that seems incredibly romantic to me. Probably because I envision this as private, quiet space, my own little oasis in a busy home. It is a spot from where you can enjoy a breeze on warm days, watch the night sky and enjoy time to yourself before joining the rest of the family.

Practically speaking, building a deck off your master bedroom is a great way to add outdoor square footage to your home and give yourself some extra living space. If you live in a bungalow or if your master bedroom is on the main floor, adding a deck will be a fairly straightforward undertaking. However, if your room is on the second story of your home you will want to talk to your general contractor about the possibility of adding a balcony to your home. You will also need to look into your local regulations regarding permits and building code requirements.

Once the deck is built, the finishing touches will determine how luxurious it feels and how often you use it. When choosing furnishings for your new outdoor addition, think about what types of activities will occur on your private balcony or deck. You can add comfy seating if you plan on sitting here to drink your morning coffee and read, or maybe a hammock or porch swing would be more appropriate if you plan on having this as a relaxed place to put your feet up. A small cafe table and a couple of chairs would round out the area nicely if you want to have your breakfast on the balcony. Don’t forget the floor. There are many options available for area rugs that will withstand the elements and give your toes a soft and inviting place to land. If privacy is an issue, and you would prefer to screen out the neighbors or passersby, potted plants, screens or trellises are great ways to add privacy and interest.

No matter how you decide to furnish it or what you plan on using the area for, building a deck or balcony off your bedroom is a great way to add some personal outdoor space and as well as a feeling of luxury to your master suite.

For more ideas on adding a deck or balcony to your home, contact your local home improvement contractor or deck builder.

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