Weekend Bathroom Makeover

by Rachel Laurendeau on April 6, 2012

A friend of mine was saying the other day that her bathroom desperately needs to be renovated but she doesn’t know how she is going to do it since they only have one bathroom in their house. That got me thinking. How would she have to go about it? And how quickly can a bathroom renovation be done?

It’s All In the Details

If you want this to truly be a two-day home improvement project, you’ll need to be organized make all of the arrangements well in advance and make up a detailed schedule for the work you need to complete over the weekend. Which elements of your bathroom will you be remodeling? Choose your paint color and maybe even do the taping earlier in the week. Pick up that new dual flush toilet, vanity, mirror and light fixture ahead of time.  If you are going to do all of the work yourself, make sure you’ve done your research and have the right tools. If you’re going to be hiring someone to do some or all of the work, be sure to book your tradespeople beforehand so you get an appointment that is convenient for you.

Ripping out and reinstalling a new bathtub is an expensive and time-consuming enterprise, one that you would not likely be able to complete in a weekend. However, if your tub or sink are outdated or damaged, bathtub refinishing can be completed in just a few hours and leaves your tub looking like new at a fraction of the cost of a new bathtub.

Make Alternate Arrangements

If there is only one bathroom in the house, you’ll definitely need to make alternate arrangements for the weekend of your renovation. Start by making friends with the neighbors, just in case you need to use their washroom in a pinch. Arrange with family or friends to either stay at their place or to pop by to use their shower a couple of times. You’re going to be working hard, you’ll need to shower and generally speaking, a refinished tub takes 24 hours to cure, so even though your tub may be completed on the first day, you won’t be able to use it right away. Also, if you have kids, this would be a great weekend for them to spend with grandparents or trusted friends.

Following these basic tips plus working smart will help you complete that bathroom project you’ve been wanting to take on but have been avoiding for so long. Now, I’d better go call that friend I was telling you about and let her know she is welcome to use my shower next weekend!

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